Review Selfie Boom Stickcopy Monopod, Great to be able to get good pictures of us ...

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the Selfie Boom Stickcopy Monopod - Bluetooth Wireless Remote Handheld Extendable, so i would like to describe here.

Selfie Boom Stickcopy Monopod - Bluetooth

Discover Why The Selfie BoomStick Is "THE PERFECT MATE FOR YOUR TRAVEL DAILY LIFE" BENEFITS Small enough to fit in a handbag backpack or jacket Sturdy stainless steel body with soft handle in a variety of pink lime green or black No need to ask strangers to take photo Enjoy total peace of mind that your phone wont be stolen Great for group or overhead shots at concerts .... Read more or Check Price

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The Selfie Boom Stick is as advertised. It extends far enough our friends could not tell the difference. Was great in the mountains during skiing and on vacation . by Kelli Christensen

Bought two for children and not have stopped using them which is a great selling point for the product but it does a parent feel like they are being persecuted by the paparazzi . by Mark S. Romney

We went on a two week vacation with my husband. Great to be able to obtain good images of us who use this product . by Joanndgo

this is a great product .. had to buy a second because my daughter has taken to her I just had to have it by Nelson Martinez

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